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On 22 April 2012, The Daily Telegraph's Jasper Copping told us this told us this: "Almost a quarter (24 per cent), of the English said they considered their flag to be racist, compared to 10 per cent of Scots and seven per cent of Welsh, when asked about their own flags...

The survey was carried out by the think tank British Future as part of a report analysing how people from around the UK view their 'national identity.' It will be released tomorrow, on St George’s Day." "The survey was carried out by the think tank British Future." Of the eight trustees of "British Future", three are Asian, two are Jewish and seven are rabid, PC globalists.

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It was such a popular competition that they have given Mumbler another pair of FREE TICKETS to win to A Sunday Hop on 27th August.

We are seeing the negative result of years of denigration of British workers.

I have almost given up counting the times I have heard official Government spokesmen, including the Employment Minister yesterday, talk about how British workers are feckless, not interested in working and not conscientious...

It is a pair of Premier tickets which allow entry into the Premier Enclosure, and would usually cost £42.

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